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Rates HurkmansET season 2024-2025 - Horse

Hurkmans ET

Embryo Transfer Horse

Call-out fee 60,00
Mare flushing 285,00
Fresh embryo transplantation 200,00
Embryo freezing 200,00
Frozen flush embryo transplantation 200,00


OPU session* 750,00
ICSI session* 450,00
In Vitro Culture* 250,00
Costs for freezing/ICSI embryo 450,00
Transplantation/fresh ICSI embryo 200,00
Transplantation/frozen ICSI embryo 350,00

*fixed costs for OPU/ICSI/IVC

Donor Station

Housing donors € 17,50 per day

The above rates are exclusive of medicines and exclusive of VAT. CEM and EIA tests are not included (these can be performed upon request during OPU). All activities/procedures that are carried out and the stay of the animals at the donor station are at the expense and risk of the owner/client. Any veterinary treatments and costs for necessary medicines will be invoiced at actual cost. Health certificates, blood tests, and sperm costs will be charged to the owner/client. The terms and conditions of Hurkmans ET B.V. apply to all services, which are registered with Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK in Eindhoven under number 50080113. Prices are subject to change.