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Hurkmans ET Donor Station - Cattle

Housing and activities take place on the basis of a fixed daily allowance for housing and care, as well as a fee per produced embryo. Activities and housing are carried out at the expense and risk of the owner.

Hurkmans ET

Rates Donor Station Cattle Hurkmans ET B.V. 2024-2025

Donor Housing

Heifers (from 10 months) €60,00 per week
Dry cows €70,00 per week


Includes labor, superovulation drugs, registration and AI

Heifers €250,00 per program*
Cows €350,00 per progam*

Embryo Flushing

Flushing, locating, washing and qualifying embryos

Heifers €225,00 per flushing**
Cows €225,00 per flushing**

Freezing Costs

Includes embryo storage costs

1-10 embryos per flushing €75,00 per embryo
> 10 embryos €30,00 per embryo


OPU Session €150,00 per session
Laboratory session €140,00 per session
Embryo production cost €95,00 per embryo (incl. freezing)

All animals brought to the donor station must be tested beforehand and must be free of IBR and BVD. Veterinary treatments and costs for necessary medicines will be invoiced at actual cost. Health statements, blood tests, and sperm costs will be charged to the owner/client. *Sperm costs are not included. **When using sexed semen, flushing costs plus €100 per flushing apply. Donor animals are housed and treated at the expense and risk of the owner/client. All services are subject to the delivery terms and conditions of Hurkmans ET B.V., registered with Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK in Eindhoven under number 50080113. Prices are excluding VAT. Prices are subject to change.